B.L.E.S.D. Movement is all about women cultivating excellence, defining their own definition of success, and distinguishing themselves from others. B.L.E.S.D Movement aims to be an inspiration to other women to accomplish their dreams and goals. Through my own personal experiences in faith, relationships and my pursuit of success, and owning my fierceness and divine gift of being a woman, I want to unleash the same greatness in other women as well. Women's empowerment is at the heart and mission of B.L.E.S.D. movement. Join the movement and be prepared to be inspired, empowered, and blessed beyond measure. 

"Are You your own Hater?"

We have all heard the term "Haters are you greatest motivators". We have probably all had a hater or two. They may have been discreet or forthright in hating on you. They may have been the kind that smiled in your face, while seething and sabotaging you behind your back. They may have resembled Regina George in "Mean Girls". We are aware of the naysayers, critics, and Petty Labelles, Whoever these haters were you were able to easily recognize them and their intentions. But what about the person you look at in the mirror each morning...yep I'm talking about You! 

I know it sounds crazy, but most often we are our own haters. Think about it, a hater is someone who criticizes  or belittles other people or things, usually in an unfair fashion. Sometimes we are so quick to beat ourselves up with unwarranted and unfair critiques, judgements, and dislikes about ourselves that we don't even need anyone else to do it for us. 

When we are our own hater we open the door for everyone else to join in. Not only do we all others to join in on our self-hater rally, we block opportunities and blessings that have our names written on them. There are many areas in our lives where we become our savage and relentless hater. The most prevalent way to hate on ourselves is through negative self-talk. We tell ourselves that we are not smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, equipped enough, strong enough, or whatever it may be and this is a sure fire way to belittle and berate yourself. How we think about ourselves profoundly impacts how we feel, behave, and project ourselves to others. 

I've been guilty of being my own hater. I was highly self-critical, held negative thoughts about myself, and hated on my own potential. Becoming aware of these things was the first step to learning how to stop being my own hater. So do you want the antidote to shrinking the hater inside of you down to size. Are you ready? Here it is...it's quite simple. Talk to yourself and treat yourself like you would someone you love and care for. Own your insecurities and flaws, and use your uniqueness to your advantage. No one is perfect, everybody is working on someone about themselves, but there is no need to hate on yourself, just better yourself. 

You are a lady of excellence, success, and distinction and hating on yourself does not fit into that definition. 


With Love,

Corinna Y.

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