B.L.E.S.D. Movement is all about women cultivating excellence, defining their own definition of success, and distinguishing themselves from others. B.L.E.S.D Movement aims to be an inspiration to other women to accomplish their dreams and goals. Through my own personal experiences in faith, relationships and my pursuit of success, and owning my fierceness and divine gift of being a woman, I want to unleash the same greatness in other women as well. Women's empowerment is at the heart and mission of B.L.E.S.D. movement. Join the movement and be prepared to be inspired, empowered, and blessed beyond measure. 

The Big C word...

What's the Big C Word? Is it commitment? Is it consistency? Actually it's celibacy. We live in a day in time where over sexualization is the norm and highly accepted. It's the songs we listen to, the images we see on our timelines, and on our tv and movie screens. But with sex getting all the attention, where does that leave celibacy? Sex is a God-given gift. It feels good and serves a divine purpose, and being a 27 year old woman I have had my share. But from experience I have started to understand that I have had a lot of sex but I have had a lack of relational substance. 

I became celibate almost 2 years ago. I had been with someone for a long time but something was missing. I felt I had given away my power as a woman and I needed to get it back. I didn't want to be led by lust anymore. I wanted more from my relationships than just sex. In becoming celibate I've learned the power that I possess as a woman and that everybody does not deserve it nor will appreciate it. I've learned to discern someone's intentions way before anything even happens. And I've also learned how to become more self-disciplined, patient, and aware. Celibacy has it's ups and downs, especially when your hormones are raging and you feel like a cat in heat. But I remind myself that I am a destination and not a rest stop. Being celibate has given me some valuable lessons that I greatly cherish going forward into my next relationship. 

Celibacy may not welcomed to the party with a warm smile or with an applause but it does come with an amazing gift of self-awarness, self-love, self-control, and self-value.You may or may not be celibate or may never choose to be and that's okay, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS value yourself above all else. Don't give your diamond to someone who treats you like a rhinestone. Always remember to love yourself and always be B.L.E.S.D. 

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