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The Covet Culture

"Thou shall not covet" is the last commandment that God gave us in order to keep our spiritual life and obedience towards him in tact. But what is coveting exactly? According to the dictionary, it is defined as "yearning to possess or have (something). However coveting seems to be an engulfing element in our society. In essence we have a culture of coveting. Thoughts, acts, and habits of coveting occur daily and is often overlooked and accepted.

I know I've been guilty of coveting plenty of times in various areas of my life. Seeing a beautiful couple engaged or just married would cause coveting to creep in and I yearned to be their position. Or I will see an expensive pair of shoes or bag that someone has and will salivate and obsess having them in my closet, knowing good and well I don't need them. I let coveting kill my  thankfulness, joy, and peace. Maybe you've coveted a certain lifestyle, someone's success story, or a person's faith journey and never thought to yourself that the root of your wanting was the culprit of coveting.

Our culture of coveting insist that we have to keep up with other people and that we should want what they have more without ever thinking that it comes with a emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial price. In actuality the things we yearn and obsess may not be in line with who we really and what we want for ourselves. The flip-side of coveting is that you miss out on focusing on the things that you have been blessed with. It shifts your focus, vision, goals, and success that God wants you to have. And what we fail to understand is that while we are coveting what someone has we don't even know the tears that person cried, battle they fought, and storms they had to endure to have that is theirs. 

Don't let coveting distract you from being grateful nor block you from divine blessings. Give God and yourself time to bring to fruition the things that you desire and not a carbon copy of what others may have. Break away from the culture of coveting and water your own grass instead of obsessing and wanting someone else's. As always stay you, stay true, and stay B.L.E.S.D.

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