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"More Issues Than Vogue" Common Issues that Limit our Greatness

"More Issues than Vogue" is a phrase that implies that someone has more emotional issues than the issues that are printed by Vogue magazine, and that's a lot. Sometimes the issues that we have are as heavy and thick as Vogue's September issue. We all have issues, some are more extreme than others. Some of us are flipping through and trying to figure out the root of our issues, while others of us have found solutions to them. Sometimes the issues that we have are so profoundly impactful that they immobilize our growth and impede us from reaching our greatest potential. Here are some common issues that we as women may encounter at one point in our lives or another.

Anger Issues: Anger is a natural human emotion. It is simply the feisty and fiery sister of sadness. Anger, if not watched and controlled, can create and ignite an explosion of extreme aggressive behaviors. Displaying excessive anger can have some pretty serious consequences and can it can make you it's slave as it controls your life. Don't let anger stop you from being a fabulous and fierce force to be reckoned with.
Trust Issues: Trust is as fragile as fine china. The minute it is broken, it cannot go back to exactly how it once was. Trust that is broken time and time again can cause our hearts to go from warm to freezing cold. The trust issues we have can sometimes cast a shadow on how we perceive other's intentions. They cause us to put up a guard and build a wall to protect us from being disappointed, but in actuality we limit the opportunities we could have to cultivate healthy and enriching relationships with others. Trust issues can cause you to be a prisoner in your own prison of suspicion. Release yourself from that torture so that you can learn to trust again.
Jealousy Issues: Women get a bad rep sometimes because we are often seen as being catty, petty, and jealous. With social media platforms flooding our timelines and feeds with snippets of people's lives, it is sometimes easy to feel a little envious and jealous of what someone else has or what they are doing. When jealousy goes from a level 1 to a level 10, then "Houston, we have a problem". Jealousy is like stepping in quicksand and before you know it your'e up to your neck in envy. Envy and jealousy poison your potential, and if it is not stopped it can devour you. Stop hanging onto jealousy and reach for gratitude and joy. 
Self-Esteem Issues: The way we feel about ourselves greatly impacts us mentally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Photoshop editing, filters, and photo angles make having imperfections seem like an anomaly, when in reality nobody is perfect. Our self-esteem can be deflated, crushed, and destroyed by constant critiques, harsh words, and negative opinions. When our self-esteem is running on E, sometimes we look to be filled up by things that seem good, but don't feel us up and sustain us in a positive manner. When self-esteem issues are not but in check, we can lose who we are by trying to find our value in insignificant things. Don't let your self-esteem issues chip away at the beautiful person you are. 
Pride Issues: Pride comes before the fall, and pride will trip you up and will have you fall on that pretty little face of yours if you're not careful. Pride is usually associated as a male emotion, but I can tell you that I know some women (i.e. myself, lol) that have just as much pride, if not more, than some men. Pride is an overabundance of independence and dignity. Being an one woman army is great and everything, but what happens when life's battles have left you hurt and injured. Pride will have you isolated, destitute, and stranded from others and leave you in a very vulnerable place. Don't be so puffed up with pride that you can't even move to a higher plateau in your life. 

So ladies, the only issues you should be collecting are the ones that magazines print monthly. So go work through the issues in your life so that you can live a vibrant, beautiful, and B.L.E.S.D. life!

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