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Losing Faith...or Losing Focus?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen. But what happens when hope starts to wane? What happens when the faith that used to sustain you starts unraveling. Circumstances, disappointments, grief, mental and spiritual distress seem to twist and tangle our faith. I know the frustration, doubt, and uneasiness that accompanies weakened faith. As Christians, faith is the glue that holds us together. But we are all human and at times our faith will not be as strong as it should be. But God does not require us to have a substantial amount of faith from us, he simply ask us to have a mustard seed sized faith.

When we feel we are losing faith, it's really our focus that is lost and needs redirection. When our focus is lost, we tend to focus on our tears instead of our triumphs. We focus on our circumstances instead of our come-up. And we feel like just giving up instead of looking to Jesus. So no, you're not losing faith, it's that you need to re-evaluate what you focus on. Pray that God empowers your spiritual vision to see beyond your eyesight. When you shift your focus on God, you will see that your faith was there all along, and you just needed a divine reminder. 

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