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Raise your Standards, but Don't Double Them

Double standards are a touchy subject. It's a discussion that has been had throughout time. Double standards seem to be more beneficial for men, than for women. It's acceptable for a man to have many sexual liaisons with as many women as they want. However, if a woman does the same thing she is called every hoe, slut, thot, jump-off, etc in the book. It's like saying that a key that opens in every lock is a master key, but a lock that is opened by many keys is broken. In relationships, men may feel that what is expected of their significant other does not apply to them. But as women are not exempt from applying double standards, either. We are just as guilty. We sometimes create a list of standards that we want our man to have. We want our  man to be respectful, patient, kind, faithful, God-loving, physically fit, goal-oriented, knows how to communicate effectively, drives a nice car, is 6ft. 3in. tall, has a 725 credit score, makes 6-figures, lives in a mini-mansion, owns a yacht and a helicopter. (Okay so the last few may have been an exaggeration, lol but you get the point). 

It's perfectly fine to have standards, but the lines get blurred when the standards we want for our men does not fit the standards that we have for ourselves. We can't expect a man to meet our standards, when we are disrespectful to ourselves and others, petty, and impatient. We may be  mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially out of shape, and our visions and goals for ourselves are in the corner collecting dust. And, instead of communicating we thrown little girl tantrums. Now I'm not giving the men a pass or anything, because Lord knows that some men have a list of standards that are longer than the Declaration of Independence. But I truly believe that you attract what you are and what you are ready for. 

When you create standards to be a better you, then you will start to attract those same standards in someone else. The standards will be even and equal. So raise the standards for yourself, and don't double them for someone else. 

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