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Rejection is Redirection

Nobody likes rejection. I HATED it!! I have learned not to take it so personally. Rejection has a way of diminishing our confidence. It leaves a red hot brand on our hearts and minds. It keeps us up at night, counting questions instead of counting sheep. Rejection happens at work, school, and in romantic pursuits. We want to know why we were rejected so badly, that we don't notice the gift or redirection it brings. 

I have faced rejection countless times in relationships, job pursuits, and scholastic aspirations. It wasn't until I applied to graduate school that I learned the importance of appreciating rejection. After graduating from college in 2013, I was eager to go straight to graduate school, to get my Master's degree in School Counseling. I had already had an extended stay at my undergraduate institution, and I didn't want to waste anymore time on getting a job, I wanted to go straight back to school. God pumped my breaks on that plan. Immediately after graduating I applied to 1 school, and I was not accepted. I wasn't upset, to be honest it wasn't the school I really wanted to attend, I was just such in a rush to kickstart my dreams that I was willing to settle. 

After that, I took a job in retail working at a major fashion store brand. I worked there for a little over two years. I went from a  part-time sales associate to being a full-time fashion merchandiser, and I was excited about that. But I knew I could not work there forever, so I continued to apply to graduate school. I applied to 3 other graduate programs. I just knew I was going to get into one of them. To say that I was crushed when I did not get into 2 of them would be an understatement. I cried like a baby, not to mention I had spent a lot of money on applications  that I could not get back. I was so hurt that my credentials did not meet the standard for these institutions. The third school informed me that due to late paper work, I would have to wait a whole YEAR! before I could reapply. So there I was stuck, rejected by 2 more schools and placed on hold for 1. I just knew I would become a disgruntled fashion merchandiser that welcomed customers with an half-ass "hello" and a resting bitch face. 

Rejection had become an annoying companion. It seemed everywhere I went, there she was following and stepping on the back on my heels. A year later I reapplied to the last school and I got in!! I could have easily given up after being rejected by not 1 school but 3, but I refused to settle for anything less than the stellar dreams I had for myself. Had it not been for rejection, I would not be half way through with not one, but two Master's degrees at North Carolina Central University. I would not have been challenged, stretched, and instructed in a way that is preparing to enter the field of school and career counseling. I would not have met and bonded with beautiful like-minded individuals that I connected with in my program. I would not have created amazing professional relationships with my advisor and other professors, and I would not have learned to keep pushing even when rejection was staring me down. 

Whatever you're facing at this moment that feels like rejection just seems to be drawn to you like a magnet, it's going to be okay, I promise. It's just God's way of telling you that whatever you are being rejected by is not for you, and He has something just for you that will blow your mind. So don't fight rejection, instead embrace it and be prepared to receive things that are not bound by the ropes of rejection. 

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