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Is Jesus your sidepiece?

We live in a generation where people want their cake and to eat it too. Relationships have been jaded, tainted, and destroyed by the presence of sidepieces. People don't want to dedicate their loyalness, faithfulness, love, dedication, and commitment to 1 person, but rather bounce back and forth between two people. It is a dangerous game of relational roulette. People call on their sidepiece when they want to have a little excitement on the side. Using the 80/20 rule in these situations, leaves each person feeling jealous, inadequate, and used. These sidepiece situations are not limited to relationships between two people, but is very real in our relationships between us and Christ.

I know I have been guilty of using Christ as my sidepiece. I would dibble and dabble in the ways of the world, get drunk off of it's deceptions, and when the hangover set in I would run to Jesus to nurse me back to spiritual health. I would put men on a pedestal and make them my everything, until my heart was broken, and then it was off to Jesus again. I would put him on the back burner. He was my boyfriend #2 (cues Pleasure P), and the world was my main thing. 

Then I had an epiphany, what if Christ treated me like I was a sidepiece. What if he only talked or dealt with me when it was convenient for him. This realization caused me to take a real good look at myself. I started to understand that treating Jesus like a sidepiece, was disrespectful. Especially for a king who laid down his life me. He is a king who deserves all the attention, dedication, love, praise, and honor. He should be your centerpiece and not some sidepiece that appeases you when it tickles your fancy. 

Relationship Status: "Single"

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