B.L.E.S.D. Movement is all about women cultivating excellence, defining their own definition of success, and distinguishing themselves from others. B.L.E.S.D Movement aims to be an inspiration to other women to accomplish their dreams and goals. Through my own personal experiences in faith, relationships and my pursuit of success, and owning my fierceness and divine gift of being a woman, I want to unleash the same greatness in other women as well. Women's empowerment is at the heart and mission of B.L.E.S.D. movement. Join the movement and be prepared to be inspired, empowered, and blessed beyond measure. 

Write The Vision

When we think about success, the words that come to mind are dreams, aspirations, goals, and vision. The recipe of success requires multiple ingredients, and vision is the binding agent. Having a vision is far more in-depth than what the eye can see. It embodies the power of vividly anticipating that which or may come to fruition. Without having a vision, you cannot act on the plans that will help your success become a reality. There are various ways in which you can visualize your success story. 

Vision boards are one of the most powerful tools to use to help you to organize, clarify, and concentrate on the layout of your success. Vision boards are simply a collage of words, affirmations, inspiring quotes, and pictures that formulate a picture of what you plan to accomplish. You can use old magazines and newspapers to find words and photographs, as well as, printing items from the internet to use. After completing your vision board, you would want to place it somewhere in your home where you will see it everyday (i.e. mirrors, closet door, refrigerator, etc.). By looking at your vision board each day, you will be constantly inspired and motivated to keep working towards what you want. I absolutely looovvee vision boards! I have completed many of them and have been amazed at how powerful they are in helping me to manifest my goals. If you're not a fan of arts and crafts, you can write or type your vision, and place it in a noticable area in your home. Look it over and read it out loud daily, to put divine power behind your words. 

Another method, which I am going to try myself, are vision videos. A vision video is an alternative to writing down, cutting, and pasting your vision on paper. You can use your phone, computer, tablet, or computer to record a video of yourself speaking your vision. When you record, use "I Am" statements, such as "I am a successful business woman and entrepreneur", as an example. Using " I Am" statements gives divine confidence that you already know that those things you are speaking of are already manifesting in your life. You can watch your video(s) daily or periodically, to make sure you're on track with your vision.

All these tools are powerful beyond measure. I have tried the first two methods out myself and I have been amazed at how potent my thoughts, words, and actions play a huge part in my success. By writing, creating, and/or recording your vision you are holding yourself accountable for making your success happen. You, yes you, are the only one that holds the power to being as successful as you want to be, because no one else will have your vision. Even the Bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 to "write the vision and make it plain...for the vision is for a future time." So write your vision so that you can create a future of abundant success for yourself. 

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