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3 Types of People You Should Stay Away From

On the pursuit of success you will meet some people who will celebrate your achievements. These people will support, encourage, and inspire you to keep doing what you are doing and, they will also challenge you to step up your game. If you have people around you that are like this, be grateful for them and treat them with the respect, appreciation, and respect they deserve. Just like there are people that are in your corner, there are also people who will want to back you into a corner and will try to dim your shine. These people should be avoided at all cost. In my experience there are 3 types of people that you should not entertain and they are ungrateful, unmotivated, and unhappy people. 

1. Ungrateful people do not appreciate the things they have, nor do they appreciate the things that you do for them. They will constantly remind you of what you don't do, but seem to always forget everything that you have done for them.They are as bitter as some sour lemonade, and you don't need them around you. The relationship between the two of you will never be mutual, and it will feel more like you're in an emotional prison, where you are serving a term for something that isn't your fault. Show these individuals the door, so that genuinely supportive people can enter your life.

2. Unmotivated people will not understand your passion, plan, and vision because they may not have a vision for themselves. They may have tried to pursue a dream, but failures accompanied their attempts. So instead of trying again, they became unmotivated and gave up. They would rather live a complacent life, than to conquer their fears and live a life of success. They may also expect someone else to carry the responsibility of their success. Try as you might, your motivation will not spark motivation in them. Doing so can result in emotional fatigue on your end, because you will give more energy trying to help someone who ultimately may not want your help, because they don't see the point of it.

3. Unhappy people are like people who walk around with a raincloud over their head, even when there is a clear and sunny sky out. They see the worse in everything. They may be unhappy for various reasons. They view life as happening to them, and not something that they make happen. They complain, make excuses as to why things will not get better, and play the victim. These people do not need to be in your system of support. No matter how successful you become, they will not be able to be genuinely happy for you, because they are not happy with themselves.

So evaluate yourself and your circle to ensure that you are cultivating an environment for excellence and success. Because like they say "Birds of a feather, flock together."

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